500VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter UPS
500VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter UPS-1

500VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter UPS

1) A True sinewave with very low harmonic distortion, best for all kinds of appliances

2)True C.R.G.O toroidal transformer, lower static loss, more energy saving

3) Intergrated frequency automatic tracking technology, generator compatible

4) With wide AVR range 140-275Vac gives you stable voltage at mains mode

5) Intelligent 3 stage charger best protects your battery

6) 32-bit high speed MCU controll with accurate detection

Categories: UPS & INVERTER
P-series Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
Model PSE-500 PSE-800 PSE-1000 PSE-1500 PSE-2000
Rated capacity 500VA 800VA 1000VA 1500VA 2000VA
Rated power 300W 500W 700W 1050W 1400W
Transformer C.R.G.O toroidal transformer
Interface LED graphic
Display status working& loading& battery
Working mode PV(photovoltaic priority)/AC (AC priority) optional
Input voltage 140-275Vac
Frequency  45-65Hz
Ouput voltage 220V+-3% for inverter;195-240V for AVR
Frequency  50/60Hz optional
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Wave distortion  <=3%
Protection Overload,high temperature, output high voltage/output low voltage,battery low voltage,short circuit,overcharge,over-discharge,reversed polarity, optional
Transfer time <=4ms
Battery voltage 12Vdc 12Vdc 12Vdc 24Vdc 24Vdc
Charge voltage 13.6+-0.3V 13.6+-0.3V 13.6+-0.3V 27.2+-0.6V 27.2+-0.6V
Low battery voltage limit 10.9+-0.3V 10.9+-0.3V 10.9+-0.3V 21.8+-0.6V 21.8+-0.6V
Low voltage protection point 10.2+-0.3V 10.2+-0.3V 10.2+-0.3V 20.5+-0.6V 20.5+-0.6V
Charge current Max. 5A/10A/15A/20A optional
Cooling system Yes
Enviromental operating temperature 0-40° 
Relative humidity 10%-90%RH;non-condensing
storage temperature ,-15°-45°
Packing machine size 146x340x210
Qty/Ctn 2
Carton size 425x420x290
Carton G.W. 13.60 14.80 17.50 19.60 27.00

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